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It's a resource for product, advertising, brand, and marketing managers. And it’s for marketing researchers, qualitative research consultants, aspiring moderators, and students too.

Hi. My name is Henk Hoets and I’ve conducted thousands of qualitative research interviews for large, medium, and small companies. And now, I share my qualitative marketing research knowledge with you.

Instant Focus Group Questions e-book I am also the author of Instant Focus Group Questions, a 248-page e-book. The down-loadable e-book is a practical handbook about qualitative marketing research, packed with tips, techniques, and hundreds of questions.

On the website, you’ll discover how to plan, develop questions, moderate, analyze, and report qualitative research.

Plus you’ll find examples and applications for marketing, product development,and advertising research.

And you’ll learn about specialized techniques including laddering and practical projective techniques. And how to use the Internet for qualitative online marketing research.

This website is for you. Ask questions. Make comments. And share your experiences, opinions, and tips too.

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Instant Focus Group Questions – e-Book
Instant Focus Group Questions is an e-book packed with hundreds of focus group questions. Learn more and download it today.
Planning Market Research Focus Groups
Planning market research focus groups is a first step to gaining insight and knowledge. Understand different types of qualitative research. Gain information about customers, prospects, and experts
Focus Group Questions - Techniques and Methods
What focus group questions to ask in a focus group or depth interview? Find out how to frame basic questions, laddering questions, and practical projective techniques.
Moderating a Focus Group Discussion or Depth Interview
Moderating a focus group discussion or depth interview requires basic skills and practice to do it right. Discover tips and techniques to run focus groups and depth interviews.
The Qualitative Marketing Research Report
The marketing research report for focus groups and depth interviews highlights important findings and insights. Find out how to analyze focus group and depth interview data and report it.
How to Use Focus Groups and Depth Interviews for Marketing
Focus groups produce customer insight. Here are examples of how to use qualitative research for marketing strategy.
Product Development with Qualitative Marketing Research
New product development is the lifeblood of business growth and profits. Learn how to use depth interviews and focus groups to develop products.
Optimize Advertising Effectiveness with Qualitative Research
Half of traditional advertising doesn't work; especially when it comes to advanced financial schemes such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Because an ideal crypto marketing campaign involves many tricks and strategies. Marketing plays an important role in the development of trading bots such as Bitcoin profit, through which people generate lucrative sums of return. Discover how to improve advertising effectiveness with qualitative research.
Social Media Marketing Research
Social media marketing research is emerging. Check out some the new ways to conduct qualitative research.
Focus Group Bibliography and Suggested Readings
Check out this bibliography and suggested reading list about focus groups, depth interviews, qualitative research, and social media listening.
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