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Instant Focus Group Questions

Announcing the new e-book Instant Focus Group Questions, by Hendrik Hoets

May I share a secret with you?

The truth is anybody can interview customers, or moderate focus groups or depth interviews, with the right questions.

You just need to know which methods, techniques, and questions to apply. Instant Focus Group Questions gives you the techniques, and hundreds of questions.

Imagine having proven focus group or depth interview questions at your fingertips now. Questions You Can Use Today.

You would save time, save money, avoid hassles, avoid worry, while learning new skills, methods, and techniques!

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You would know exactly what to do. You wouldn’t waste time writing out questions. You wouldn’t wonder about which questions to use. You wouldn’t wonder about question quality and sequence.

You, your staff, or your subcontractors could interview customers, moderate focus groups or depth interviews right away. You would gain new information, insights, and knowledge. And use the knowledge to develop advertising research, new product development, and marketing plans.

Moderate Like a Professional

Interviewing customers and prospects is not rocket science. But… you need to know what methods and questions work, and don’t work.

Another truth is you know more about your products, services, company, and industry than most generalist focus group moderators do. You just need to know how to interview customers, prospects and experts.

My new 248-page e-book, Instant Focus Group Questions – Develop Winning Advertising, Marketing, and Products gives you questions you can use right away. It will give you the confidence to moderate like a professional moderator.

Best of all, my e-book shows you how to interview customers, prospects, and experts. It gives you 364 proven questions for 10 applications. And, it shows you common pitfalls to avoid.

It is a how-to handbook. It is hands-on. It is not overloaded with theory. It is easy to use.

Using this e-book, you will be able to,

  • Get professional instant focus group questions now
  • Understand and apply qualitative research
  • Know exactly which methods and questions to apply
  • Design qualitative research – depth interviews and focus groups
  • Write research objectives
  • Select questions for 10 qualitative research applications
  • Interview prospects, customers, and experts
  • Analyze and report qualitative data and insights
  • Use the insights to develop products, advertising, and marketing programs

In summary, you’ll

  • Save time – you won’t struggle with writing questions
  • Save money – you won’t have to hire an expensive moderator
  • Build confidence and avoid hassle and worry
  • Learn new skills, methods, and techniques
  • Master the art of moderating and interviewing

Instant Focus Group Questions – Develop Winning Advertising, Marketing, and Products is for entrepreneurs, product managers, advertising managers, marketing managers, aspiring qualitative researchers and students.

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Here is what you get with Instant Focus Group Questions.

Section One: The Foundation

  1. What you must know about qualitative marketing research and its purpose. Find out when to use focus groups and depth interviews.
  2. Find out how to asses the value of qualitative marketing research. Discover 4 ways to estimate the value of qualitative marketing research. And decide whether it is the worth the effort.
  3. Identify 3 primary qualitative research methods. Find out which one you can use to gain equal or more information than focus groups. The answer may surprise you.
  4. How to design focus groups and depth interviews. Find out about the 8 essential steps to design marketing research. Design a professional research project in record time.
  5. How to diagnose the research problem…the reason for the research. Failure to identify the research problem causes most marketing research failures. Use 6 diagnostic questions to reveal the marketing research problem.
  6. How to define marketing research goals. Clear goals lead to research success. Discover the 3 critical steps to define marketing research goals. Skip one, and you’re headed for trouble.
  7. How to design the discussion guide. Learn the 6 parts of every guide. Learn how to organize and arrange topics, focus group questions, and activities.
  8. How to design respondent screeners. Manage respondent recruitment. Discover how to weed out professional respondents from consumer focus groups.
  9. How to conduct a focus group or depth interview. Do you know the most important first step, when moderating? It’s critical for success. Also, learn how to handle trouble.
  10. How to identify consumer behavior and attitudes. Recognize perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and emotions. Understand how each affects your product, service, or advertisements.
  11. How to analyze data from your focus group discussion. Learn the 5 steps of analysis. Turn data into actionable knowledge for decisions.
  12. How to report your findings. Learn 3 different formats. Tips on how to write research reports that will impress your boss, colleagues, executives, and clients.

Section Two: Fundamental Techniques and Tips

  1. How to ask focus group questions. Discover the Four-Question Sequence that digs beyond top-of-mind responses.
  2. Laddering technique explained. The 4 question steps used in laddering. And, how to avoid the most common mistake in laddering.
  3. Know the 3 levels of benefits. Do you know how to link product features to emotional benefits? This e-book shows how.
  4. Understand the 4 elements of Buying Theory. Understand buying behavior and buying decision.
  5. Projective techniques. Here are 4 practical projective techniques. And, you don’t need to be a Ph. D psychologist to interpret the results. Discover hidden or sensitive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.
  6. Memory recall. Learn how to use 3 different memory recall methods. Help your respondents recall and explain. Learn how to sequence recall correctly.
  7. How to recognize and reduce bias. 12 types of bias explained. Be on guard for common bias. They show up in most focus groups and depth interviews.
  8. What consumers don’t know. Find out what customers can’t tell you.The customer is not always right. Don’t be fooled by customers. What never to accept from customers.
  9. Needs and wants. Tips to find out their hidden needs and wants. Learn how to interview people who have never used your new technology or product category.

Section Three: Instant Focus Group Questions for 10 Qualitative Research Applications

Use these questions in your focus groups or depth interviews.

  1. How to conduct exploratory interviews. 2 proven ways to discover unmet needs and wants. Apply it for new product development. Contains 24 questions you can use now.
  2. How to conduct segmentation interviews, before and after quantitative segmentation research surveys. Learn the 8 criteria for targeting a segment. Learn how to describe your segment as a real person, and why it is important. Contains 26 practical questions.
  3. How to gain competitive intelligence. 3 ways to gain competitive intelligence from competitors’ customers. Assess switching opportunities. Get 34 questions for competitive analysis.
  4. How to concept test new products. Learn how to avoid the biggest mistake in concept testing. Find out about the dangers of concept testing. Gain 21 focus group questions you can use now.
  5. How to conduct test market interviews. Learn how customers use your products or services. Discover how to identify customer behavior and attitudes. Apply questions in 4 different tests. Get 24 proven questions now.
  6. How to conduct product-positioning interviews.Learn the 6-step formula to identify positioning strategy. How to distinguish your product from others in its category. Get 42 proven focus group questions to help you with positioning analysis today.
  7. How to conduct advertising research interviews. Find out about the 7 crucial elements of effective advertising. Use copy testing. Understand imagery associations. Contains 37 focus group questions.
  8. How to interview distributors, retailers, and dealers. They are your gatekeepers, if you use them. They can decide your success or failure. You need to interview them. Get 67 channel marketing questions.
  9. How to conduct interviews about packaging. Learn how to assess packaging ideas and use. Get 42 questions you can ask consumers and 22 questions you can ask packaging experts.
  10. How to conduct interviews about merchandising. How well are your retailers merchandising and catching attention for your products at point-of-purchase? Here are 11 questions to ask retailers.

Section Four: 3 Extra Bonuses

  1. Qualitative Marketing Research Glossary with 150 key terms and definitions. It is a handy reference.
  2. Focus Group Resources and Web links. 19 organizations and Web-links. They provide information and directories about advertising research, marketing, marketing research, focus groups, depth interviews, transcription services, respondent recruiters and more.
  3. Marketing Plan Outline. Use this handy marketing plan outline to apply the data, information, insights, and knowledge you have gained.

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Easy and Handy Reference Book

You can use the Instant Focus Group Questions as a handy reference. It’s easy and simple to use.

  1. Define your research objectives,
  2. Then select the right research application, and
  3. Apply its questions and techniques.
It saves time, money, and hassle.

Proven Focus Group Questions Tested in Business Reality

H. Hoets of I am Henk Hoets, author of Instant Focus Group Questions, and Managing Director at, a market research firm. I have moderated over a thousand depth interviews and focus groups.

Through real-world trial and error, I refined and polished the qualitative questions and techniques offered in Instant Focus Group Questions.

Over the years, I collected questions while working in the corporate world at Motorola and EF Johnson Co., and in my own qualitative marketing research firm, Further, I learned questions and techniques from research professionals working with several marketing research agencies. And I attended professional marketing research courses – RIVA Institute and the University of Georgia’s Principles of Marketing Research.

Most importantly, I tested the questions in the real world of business with clients. International Paper, Motorola, NTT DoCoMo, BP Castrol, ESPN, Microsoft, Research In Motion, Palm, LG, Eastman Chemical, Sherwood Packaging, Diamond Management & Technology, Sol Melia, Buca di Bepo, and several other large, medium, and small companies. Instant focus group questions work.


Here is what some companies said about my qualitative research methods:

“We've received your report. It's a very exciting experience with lots of findings. Please let me give you my word of gratefulness on this occasion.” NTT DoCoMo

"Henk not only brought his extensive skills in moderating focus groups but also leveraged his deep wireless industry knowledge and experience to enrich our market research effort.” Diamond Management & Technology Consultants

"…his deep knowledge of the technology marketplace, coupled with responsiveness and solid qualitative research, has resulted in very insightful and actionable results. The firm provides thought leadership, which is critical in getting immediate traction from project findings." Motorola

Corporate Case Studies

Here are few snapshots of how clients benefited using my proven qualitative research questions. Company names remain anonymous because of confidentiality.

  • Identified important trends that spawned new product ideas for a Fortune 100 corporation. Conducted depth interviews with experts.
  • Discovered two new target segments for a public company. Moderated concept test focus groups.
  • Evaluated product concepts that lead to the launched a new product. Conducted consumer focus groups and expert depth interviews.
  • Saved a client millions of dollars from investing in weak business plan. Used concept test and market test focus groups, supported by quantitative surveys.
  • Explored consumer preferences for competitors’ brands and switching resistance. Used market test focus groups with competitors’ customers.
  • Positioned a service for a training workshop. Conducted depth interviews with customers and online research.
  • Captured word for word phrases and sentences, which the client used in a successful national TV advertising campaign. Moderated focus groups with consumers.
  • Identified preferences for a proposed channel-marketing program for a client. Completed depth interviews with distributors, dealers and retailers.
  • Discovered international distributor resistance to a proposed training program for technology manufacturer. Moderated depth interviews with distributors and dealers.
  • Identified consumer-packaging preferences for major packaging supplier. Used focus groups with consumers and depth interviews with packaging experts.
  • Identified merchandising practice sand preferences in variety of retail formats for a packaging company. Conducted depth interviews with retail merchandisers.

A Unique Focus Group Handbook that Saves Time and Money

This 248-page e-book is unique. It is like a hands-on manual that you would get in a focus group moderator course.

It is clear, simple, and easy to use. It contains over a hundred instant focus group questions you can use over-and-over again.

Many books about qualitative research are textbooks. The textbooks are academic, theoretical, and dry. And many are not marketing or business focused; they are for the social sciences.

And most business books about qualitative marketing research tell, but they don’t show. They don’t give you many instant focus group questions.

Instant Focus Group Questions – Develop Winning Advertising, Marketing, and Products gives you 364 instant focus group questions.

In my 248-page e-book, you get proven techniques. You get focus group and depth interview questions that work. You learn about common pitfalls with focus groups and depth interviews. And, how to avoid them.

Besides focus groups, you can use it for depth interviews, social media monitoring and engagement and for ethnography.

26% Special Discount!

If you attend a focus group training course, it would cost about $2,600 to $3,300. That is roughly what Burke Institute and RIVA Training Institute costs.

Plus, you need to add travel, lodging, and meal costs…so you could add another $1,000 to $2,500. So, now your costs are about $3,600 to $5,500.

Plus you would lose three or four days of work time. Add that cost too. And you have to wait for the course schedule. RIVA and Burke run on their own schedules, not yours. You could wait for months.

If you are waiting to attend a moderator training course, why not buy and download Instant Focus Group Questions today? And start using the questions.

If you hire a professional focus group moderator, they’ll write questions and moderate. But, you would pay several thousands of dollars, or tens of thousands of dollars.

Companies pay me hundreds of dollars to write discussion guides with focus group questions.

If you buy textbooks about qualitative research, you could easily pay over $100 a book.

But, you don’t have to pay $5,000, $500, or even $100 for this handbook, full of focus group questions and techniques.

The price for Instant Focus Group Questions is normally $39.

I’m offering the special price of US $ 29...a 26% savings. But don't wait. Order Now. This special offer EXPIRES soon.

That is a small price compared to large value of all the professional, proven techniques, 10 applications, and hundreds of instant focus group questions.

You will not find this unique 248-page e-book anywhere else. Don’t wait. Get the special price today, before it expires.

Risk Free – 30-Day Guarantee

The offer is risk-free.

If you are not satisfied with Instant Focus Group Questions, you have 30-days to ask a refund. No questions asked, I will promptly refund your money.

Why not try it and see?

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What’s Next?

Let’s imagine a situation that you may face.

Imagine a product or marketing manager asking you to produce questions for a new product concept, or an advertisement. Here are your choices:

  • You write questions from scratch, burning up hours of your time and wondering about question quality.
  • You form a committee and try to create new questions, consuming not only your time, but also your colleagues time, and engaging in debates and still wonder about quality.
  • You can select a set of questions, which you have already compiled and tested over time, assuming you have them.
  • You hire an expensive qualitative research consultant.
  • You do nothing.
  • You select a set of proven questions from Instant Focus Group Questions.
What would you do?

Download 364 Instant Focus Group Questions NOW

And start using the questions today.

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Let's summarize, what you get when you order now:

You'll get 364 instant focus group questions for 10 qualitative research applications.

You'll receive a 30-day money back guarantee, if you are not 100% satisfied. It's totally RISK FREE.

You'll get the special discounted price of $29 if you ORDER NOW. That's a 26% savings!

You'll save time and money and avoid hassle and worry, while learning new techniques and methods!

So what are you waiting for? Download now. Discounted offer expires soon.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Sincerely Yours,

Henk Hoets

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