Improve Advertising Effectiveness with Focus Groups and Depth Interviews

You may have heard the old saying about advertising effectiveness…

Half of traditional advertising doesn't work. And often businesses don’t which half is working. What a waste. It’s inexcusable.

If you subscribe to David Ogilvy’s big idea, then you also believe advertising must sell. That’s right. Sell, sell, sell. That’s it. Direct response advertisers understand ROI advertising. They measure advertising effectiveness.

But before you measure, you need to create and test ads. And you create and test with feedback from your target audience. It’s preliminary advertising research.

Focus groups and depth interviews can help with ad creation and testing. Here are some applications,

  • exploratory needs and wants assessment
  • brand or product positioning
  • ad concept testing

And you can use specialized qualitative methods including laddering and projective techniques to help with ad creation.

Laddering can help you with needs and wants identification and positioning. Laddering is powerful.

Projective techniques can help with identifying symbols, images, and metaphors that resonate with target segments.

Customers decide which ads work, not the creative director. Customer behavior is proof.

Use focus groups and depth interviews to improve advertising effectiveness.

Here are articles about qualitative research and advertising

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