How to Ask Focus Group Questions

Focus group questions are the bread and butter of moderating.

In this section, you’ll learn how to frame basic questions, laddering inquiry, and practical projective techniques.

In basic inquiry, find out the about the different types of questions: open, closed, follow-up, probes, and prompts.

In laddering, you’ll learn about laddering structure and methods. Plus, you’ll discover buying theory and the features-benefits-emotions chain and its relation to laddering.

With projective techniques, you’ll touch on some practical techniques.

Here's a tip. Don't use the word why when moderating. Find out why.

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Here are the website articles:

Basic Questions - Focus Group Questionnaire Fundamentals
Open-ended questions are the tools of a group or depth interview. Discover how to write basic questions and the four-question sequence, for groups and depth interviews.

More Basic Question Tips - Qualitative Marketing Research Surveys
Here are some more tips on how to write and ask basic questions in qualitative marketing research surveys or moderator guides.

In Qualitative Focus Groups Don’t Ask the Word “Why”
Don’t use the word “why”, when moderating a focus group or depth interview. Find out why.

How to Use Laddering in Qualitative Marketing Research
Laddering is a qualitative research technique to identify motivations and buying behavior. Find out how to do it and use it.

Understand Buying Behavior with Qualitative Marketing Research
People buy products and services that deliver functional and emotional benefits. Every product or service delivers emotional benefits. Discover the feature, benefit, emotion chain of buying behavior.

Practical Projective Techniques for Focus Groups
In qualitative marketing research, projective techniques explore associations with brands, products, advertising, and images. Find out about some practical projective techniques.

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