Planning Market Research Focus Groups

Planning market research focus groups is a first step to gaining insight and knowledge about customers, prospects, and experts.

It's qualitative research.

Qualitative research is a marketing research tool, and is often a part of the marketing research process and marketing research plan.

Almost anyone can conduct an interview with the right techniques and questions. Like most things in life, it takes knowledge, practice, and desire. And some good planning.

Here are planning articles


What is a Focus Group?
Understand how a focus group works. Learn the different types, how to use them, and when to use them. Develop new products, advertising copy, marketing campaigns and social programs

The Importance of Marketing Research and Qualitative Research
Focus groups or depth interviews are tools of qualitative marketing research. Find out the importance of marketing research.

Marketing Research Methods: Focus Group versus Depth Interview
Which marketing research methods should you use? Find out the differences, and how and when to use each marketing research technique

How to Use Online Focus Groups
There are two types of online focus groups: real-time and bulletin board. Learn how to use them to gain data, information, and insights.

Qualitative Internet Marketing Research
Internet marketing research offers new ways conduct qualitative marketing research. Here are 9 Internet research techniques you can use.


How to Design Focus Groups or Depth Interviews Using the Marketing Research Process
Here are eight steps to design focus groups and depth interviews.

How to Write Research Objectives for Focus Groups or Depth Interviews
Writing research objectives is the most important first step in a marketing research plan. Discover how to write objectives for focus groups and depth interviews.

How to Write a Focus Group Moderator Guide
The focus group moderator guide keeps moderators on track. Learn the basics of writing a focus group or depth interview guide.

How to Write a Focus Group Screener
A focus group screener is a brief survey that specifies characteristics of the respondents you want to interview and study. Here are tips on writing screeners.

Focus Group Recruiting Tips for Moderators and Market Researchers
Focus group recruiting finds qualified respondents for qualitative research. Here are some tips on how to work with recruiters.

How to Choose Focus Group Moderators
The moderator has a major impact on the data produced in focus groups and depth interviews. Here’s a checklist for finding and selecting focus group moderators.

Insight Development - How to Observe Focus Groups
Observing focus groups can get you new customer insight. Here’s a checklist to get the most out of watching focus groups and fostering insight development.

Online Focus Group – Benefits
Online focus groups research is growing. Here are 15 benefits of using the method.

The Industry's Dirty Secret - Professional Focus Group Participants
Professional focus group participants are widespread in consumer research. Here’s how to screen them out.

Instant Focus Group Questions e-book

Instant Focus Group Questions e-book is a practical handbook about market research focus groups and depth interviews.

It is packed with tips, techniques, and hundreds of questions. Click on the e-book to learn more now.

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