How to Write a Positioning Message -
Make Your Message Persuasive and Unique

You can write a positioning message, using the findings from laddering depth interviews and positioning focus groups.

Once you know what is important to users and different from competitors, you write the positioning message.

You weave features, benefits, and emotional benefits into your message.

An Example

Let’s look at a supposed example about an ice hockey stick. Let’s call our imaginary company Talon.

There are many brands and varieties of hockey sticks. So, we need to make the product and brand standout.

We conduct depth interviews with ice hockey players using laddering. Then we conduct positioning focus groups

We find out from hockey players who play on the forward line that accurate shooting (functional benefit) is important when they take wrist shots.

In fact, they believe our Talon stick is accurate because of its blade angle or lie, flex, and composite materials (features). Players believe the Talon performs better in wrist shots than brands X, Y, and Z (different). One right wing player states, “I can hit the left top-shelf corner nine out 10 times from the top of the circle hash marks with my Talon” (benefit and proof). Most first line forwards tell us they want to be the leading scorer on the team… the hero (emotional benefit).

Now, let’s write an imaginary positioning message.

Forwards! Score more wrist-shot goals with the Talon Accu-Shot™.

Be the hero of the team this season.

The Talon Accu-Shot™ scores more wrist-shot goals than other sticks, according to forwards. Its precision-designed lie, subtle blade camber, 70 flex, and ultra light carbon fiber give you superior wrist-shot accuracy.

“I can hit the left top-shelf corner nine out of 10 times from the top of the circle hash marks with my Talon,” says Joe Hockey-palyer, right-wing, ABC Express.

Try the Talon Accu- Shot™. See your dealer today.

The positioning message integrates important features, functional benefits, and emotional benefits into a unique selling proposition.

The message is important to the target segment. The message is different. It is a specific position. All parts of the features-benefits-emotions chain combine to distinguish the product.

The message also includes a unique brand positioning that implies benefits... the Talon Accu- Shot™. And the message includes a call to action and a testimonial.

Testimonials build credibility. The features also build credibility and support the promise.

If your brand is unknown, you need details to support and distinguish your promise.

Concept Test

The next step is to create variants of the message and test the messages in concept testing using qualitative research.

Then pick the best message based on respondent reactions.

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And check concept testing

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