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Instant Focus Group Questions – e-Book

Instant Focus Group Questions is an e-book packed with hundreds of focus group questions. Learn more and download it today.

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Focus Group Training - Review

Focus group training is a required, if you are thinking about a career as qualitative research professional. Find out where to get training.

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Concept Testing in Qualitative Marketing Research

Concept testing discovers people’s reactions to proposed products or advertising or marketing programs. They are preliminary screens. Find out how to conduct testing.

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How to Use Laddering in Qualitative Marketing Research

Laddering is a qualitative research technique to identify motivations and buying behavior. Find out how to use it.

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Focus Group Moderator Guide - How to Write It

The focus group moderator guide keeps moderators on track. Learn the basics of writing a focus group or depth interview discussion guide.

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Moderating a Focus Group Discussion or Depth Interview

Moderating a focus group discussion or depth interview requires basic skills and practice to do it right. Discover tips and techniques to run focus groups and depth interviews.

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Focus Group Questions - Techniques and Methods

What focus group questions to ask in a focus group or depth interview? Find out how to frame basic questions, laddering questions, and practical projective techniques.

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